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Why buy natural soaps

Our mission is to provide natural soap products that do not contain harmful toxins or preservatives.  We do that by using only  all natural, organic ingredients such as  vegetable oils, butters, and herbs with pure essential oils for aromatherapy and scenting purposes. 

We specialize in skin care products for body and hair.  This includes soap for dry, oily, or mature complexions; solid shampoo for all hair types; and shaving soap for the straight-edge enthusiast that wants a natural product.

We offer a quality, natural product at low prices and our customer satisfaction is very important!   Each product is hand-made in small batches and carefully wrapped for your needs.






Products            ~ Prices have been reduced! ~


shop      Soap Shop              New Items:  Lime Eucalyptus Soap


shampoo   Shampoo Bars


shaving    Shaving Soap


 Our newest addition:  All natural lotions and cremes 

citrus body creme      Body       Includes Lotions and Cremes for body, pain, and facial