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Soap Shop

Each batch is handcrafted with a variety of oils, herbs and essential oils.  Lather is rich and bars are long-lasting.
Each bar is cut for 5 oz.  Lather may be less in regions with "hard" water.  Bars will last longer if kept out of standing water.
Each variety contains the following oils:  Coconut, Olive, Soybean, Hazelnut, Jojoba, Apricot kernel, and shea and cocoa butters. 
Each batch includes Tussah silk, giving more shine, lather and a "silky" feel.

Calendula Lavender Soap

Soothing and lightly scented

This soap is good to use for very sensitive skin. It is
lightly scented with lavender, contains infused calendula oil and petals.  
Calendula has been praised by herbalists for helping damaged skin tissue. It is gentle enough for use on the most sensitive skin.

Clove Geranium Soap

Unique blend - favorite!

This is one of our newer soaps with an amazing blend of clove and geranium essential oils. Delightful for all skin types and has become an instant hit.

Comfrey Lavender Soap

Soothing and healing 

Comfrey is one of those super healing herbs. It speeds cell renewal, treats inflamed skin, and speeds healing of cuts, burns, and eczema. Add in lavender for further healing properties and an incredible scent and you have a wonderful hand and body soap.

Coconut Mango Soap

Moisturizing and refreshing

This soap containing real coconut and organic mango, scented with a luscious blend of coconut and mango fragrance oils and elemi essential oil. Soap also contains Tussah silk - it lathers beautifully and has become a customer favorite quickly!

Green Tea Soap

All purpose with citrus scent

This soap is infused with generous amounts of pure green tea and home-grown lemon verbena. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that reduce inflammation
and protect cell membranes. Green tea is also rich in Vitamins C, D, and K. This
soap is scented with a clary sage and lemongrass essential oil blend, which also promotes natural skin healing and regeneration. The soap has no colorants, only the infusion of the tea as colorant. 

Honey Oatmeal Soap

Unscented and soothing

This soap has a textural beauty that is hard to match. To keep our skin healthy, dermatologists recommend
exfoliating, or scrubbing off, of old skin in order for new, fresh skin to glow. Oatmeal is a natural, gentle exfoliator. Honey adds moisture and color to
the skin, making this an excellent soap for dry skin. Gentle enough to use on your baby. Exfoliation accelerates the renewal of skin cells and gives skin
an younger, more vibrant look. 

Queen Bee Soap

Hand size 1.5 oz. bars

Lovely hand-size soaps containing honey, cardamon, bergamot and peppermint.  Perfect for guest size soaps or next to sink.

Lime Eucalyptus Soap

All purpose

This soap will refresh as well as moisturize. Same great lather of other soaps, Tussah silk makes it, well, silky! An extra dose of apricot kernel oil adds to moisturizing. The combination of lime and eucalyptus essential oils is light, refreshing, and great for the morning shower.

Peppermint Soap

Seasonal and refreshing

Experience the refreshing blend of peppermint essential oil to brighten up your bath or shower. Beautiful soap to display in the bathroom and also freshen the air with holiday scents.

Saving Face Soap

Luxurious facial soap

A soap for the "mature" complexion. This soap was designed with the idea of using ingredients that have skin regeneration properties. Starting with a base of infused chamomile flowers, super-fatted with sweet almond oil, ground gotu kola herb adds color and skin healing properties, and finally a unique blend of essential oils, we have developed a bar of soap you
will not find anywhere else! 

Spice Soap

All purpose

This has a little bit of many essential oils blended to create a rich, spicy soap. A favorite with the men in our lives, yet pleasant for all to use. Swirled cinnamon on top creates texture and color to this soap. An all time favorite!

Sweet Vanilla Soap

All purpose

Remember creamsicles? This soap is not
to eat, but you will be tempted.... Real vanilla bean seeds and pods combined with vanilla fragrance oil and sweet essential oil make this an unforgettable soap. Evening primrose oil and apricot kernel oil are added to the recipe for extra creamy lather, moisturizing, and a healthy dose of vitamins and essential fatty acids for your skin.

Teatree Soap

Naturally medicated

Tea tree is thought to be one hundred times more powerful than carbolic acid, yet is safe for human use. It is currently the subject of a great deal of research for its impressive antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is used to in the treatment of fungal infections, sunburn, acne, and
athletes foot, to name a few. We have had many people claim it has helped their excema or acne. Contains teatree and lavender essential oils.

Pet Soap

For your furry friends

Teatree and Neem oils make up the natural
ingredients that will help repel fleas and insects. You can safely use this soap on your pets. The round, generous 4 ounce bars will lather nicely and leave pet fur soft and skin moisturized